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Start blending with LabAroma

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To start blending with LabAroma:

Select new blend on your dashboard or select create a blend in your navigation panel on the left, both options will take you to the blending page.

Before you begin to blend, we recommend you name your blend. You can also allocate your blend to a blend category. If you click on the downward arrow in the blend category field, your categories will all be shown here, and you can select the category you would like to assign your new blend to. You will need to have created your category previously in your blend category section before you can add a blend to that category – please see blend category tutorial on how to create a new category.

Tagging your blend is a good idea, it is an efficient way to help locate your blend in the future. For example, if you are making a blend for pain relief, you might tag this blend ‘pain’, simply type in pain and hit return. You may also decide to use tags to identify some of the oils that are used within this blend in order to enable an efficient search later.

When you have named, allocated and tagged your blend, you can start to blend your recipe.

The database on the left-hand side contains over 500 ingredients which you can blend with. You can search the ingredients via their categories which include essential oils, extracts, carrier oils, herbal, cosmetics and favourites which are ingredients that you have stared and identified as your favourite ingredients. This is a very useful function if you wish to quickly find ingredients that you work with often. You can search for an ingredient in the search bar if you know exactly which ingredient you wish to add to your blend. You can also search via the alphabet along the bottom of the database window.

Before you start to allocate the volume of each ingredient you want in your blend, you may want to set the rules for your blend within the blend lab. Firstly, choose how much essential oil and base you want in your blend as well as the overall size of your finished product. You can choose whichever metric you would like to work with whether that be ml, drops, grams, ounces or you can work within percentages if you prefer to allocate your essential oil concentrations with a percentage.

When you are ready to blend you simply drag the ingredients from the database window on the left into your blending beaker on the right. Once you have dragged over your ingredient, allocate the volume you wish for that ingredient within your blend. You can use the downward arrow to select the metric you want to work with for this ingredient. When you have selected the volume and metric simply click add and your ingredient will be added to your blend. Continue to add the ingredients with their allocated volume and metric to your blending beaker until you are satisfied with the blend you have created.

You will note that as you add ingredients to your beaker, analytical results will appear just above your blending beaker. These will give you a real time indication as to the chemical family representation of your blend, as well as how your blend will affect the body and the mind, and the likely scent note of your blend. These real time blend results will change as you add and remove ingredients from your blend.

If at any time you wish to remove an ingredient from your blend you simply drag that ingredient from the beaker back to the database on the left of your screen.

As you blend, your blend details will appear below the blend beaker. You can change the volume metric per ingredient by selecting the downward arrow and you can change the cost currency by selecting the downward arrow.

If you are a LabAroma grow or pro user, the complete chemical results for your blend will also appear below your blend. This pie chart gives you an indication as to how much of each chemical family is represented within your blend. You can double click on any of these colours to get more information on each chemical family. You can also see the percentage each family is represented in your blend on the right-hand side.

For more detail you can select complete breakdown which will give you the chemical components under their family within your blend. If you’re a LabAroma pro member, you can also see your compliance regulation warnings on the right-hand side, it will show you the component that is breaching compliance within whichever country you may wish to adhere to from a regulatory standpoint.

Below you can see softer analytical data for your blend. Scent note lets you know the scent note of your blend based on the scent notes of the essential oils within your blend. The physical effects results will give you an indication as to how your blend will affect the body physically. A coloured circle means that your blend will influence this part of the body. You can select the downward arrow beside each bodily system to see which essential oil influences that part of the body.

The psychological effect result works with the same principal.

You can use the add note section to add a note for your blend. If at any point you want to delete the note, you simply click on the red trash can.

If you have documents, labels, or additional information you would like to upload to be stored alongside this blend you can do so using the upload files arrow.

When you are happy with your blend please select save blend.

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