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Meet the new LabAroma tutorial
Meet the new LabAroma tutorial
Written by Colleen
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Welcome to your Lab!

LabAroma’s software is designed to make you a more informed, confident and creative master blender.

Here is an overview of LabAroma’s functions and features.

In the navigation panel you are given the option to create your own blend, view your blends, view the blends LabAroma has prepopulated for you, which you can edit and duplicate to make your own. You can view your blend categories which is your filing system for all your blends.

You can view your ingredients, which are the ingredients you may wish to upload within your LabAroma account, or you can view the LabAroma ingredient library, which is categorized according to the ingredient type.

Each ingredient within the LabAroma database has an information sheet which gives you extensive information on the botany, therapeutic function and chemical composition as well as potential effects.

You can compare ingredients side by side in order to make an informed decision as to which ingredients you want to use within your blending.

You can also learn more about the chemistry of essential oils and find essential oils and extracts based on their chemical composition in the compare component search.

Evidence within the world of plant science is critically important. We need to understand the research and clinical evidence that supports the plants and compounds we work with. The evidence search gives you the ability to find evidence, studies and reports supporting the therapeutic function of certain essential oils and compounds.

LabAroma comes complete with a help centre to ensure you are supported as you become a confident master blender.

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