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My blend library tutorial
My blend library tutorial
Written by Colleen
Updated over a week ago

Using your blend library in LabAroma is easy:

Select my blends in your navigation panel.

Every blend you have created in LabAroma will be stored here.

You can search all of your blends by either using the filter or sort function, whereby you can search by last edited, the name or the category of any of your blends.

Your blend library will show you a preview of your blend including which category each blend is allocated, if any, the date it was last edited and tags if you have any allocated any to your blend.

If you are a LabAroma pro user you will be able to see whether your blend is compliant or if it needs investigated.

With one click of a button you can edit, view, duplicate or archive your blend from the library panel.

If you select view blend, the full details of your blend will appear in the view blend screen. Here you can choose to edit or duplicate your blend.

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