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My blend categories tutorial
My blend categories tutorial
Written by Colleen
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To locate your blend categories:

Select blend categories in your navigation panel.

A blend category is essentially a folder containing your blends.

You can file your blends within your blend categories however you wish.

You can search your categories by using the filter or sort function.

This blend category page will give you an overview of your categories and how many blends are within each category.

You can favourite a category by selecting the star icon.

You can edit a category by selecting the pen and paper icon.

Then select edit blend category.

Here you can change the name of your category. Enter tags to your category which will help identify it - this may be helpful later if you want to quickly find an ingredient, condition or indication that is relevant to a blend category.

You can also choose the cover colour of your category by entering a hex colour code or by selecting a colour from the colour panel.

When you are happy with your edits you can save changes or alternatively cancel changes.

To add a new category simply select new category, this will show you the same screen as the edit category panel with the same functionality.

Save your changes when you are happy with your new category.

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