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Each ingredient within the LabAroma ingredient library comes complete with an ingredient information sheet.

Each ingredient in LabAroma will have a different level of detail depending on what we know about that ingredient today.

You can view a wide array of information about each ingredient in the ingredient information sheet. Starting with its common name, Latin name, the origin of that plant, the material type ie. Its classification a retail benchmark price per 15ml. You can also view the botanical family, the part of the plant typically used, the safety note if any, the conservation status, profile information as well as therapeutic properties. Where there is information on the synergy, evidence and energetics of the ingredient that information will be provided. Synergy is information that serves to identify potential synergistic interactions between essential oils which could help to inform blend construction. Evidence is information that serves to provide you with clinical data, research studies and practical clinical information to support the therapeutic effectiveness of ingredients. Energetics is information serves to give you an insight into the energetic possibilities of essential oils.

When your information sheet is for an essential oil or extract, there will be chemical breakdown information for that ingredient. The chemical families give you an indication as to how much of each chemical family is represented in that essential oil. You can double click on any of these colours to get more information on each chemical family.

You can see a complete chemical breakdown whereby you will see the chemical components represented in this ingredient under their chemical family titles.

You can also see the scent note for the ingredient and you can see the psychological and physical rankings. This gives you an indication as to how this ingredient will affect the body and mind.

Within each information sheet you can create a quick compare ingredient search, to learn more about the LabAroma compare ingredient feature visit compare ingredients within your navigation panel.

Within the ingredient information sheets you can edit the ingredient, all boxes that become a shaded grey are boxes that you can change the information within. You may want to update this information based on your own personal and professional experience. You can also change the drop image if you have a photo of the ingredient you would rather be placed here. If you have the particular chemical data for an essential oil or extract that you would want to use instead of using the LabAroma data, you can simply update the chemical data here. If you do not want to have a chemical within this essential oil or extract you simply remove it by selecting the red trash can. You can update the scent note and you can update the psychological and physical effect of the ingredient.

You can add ingredient notes as well. Also, if there are any files for example a GCMS report or any additional supportive information you would like to be stored alongside this ingredient please upload it by selecting the upload files arrow. When you are happy with your changes you simply select save changes, your ingredient will be saved. You can return to your dash or you can close and return.

You can also duplicate this ingredient if you would like to create a variation of it with your own information, which can be stored within my ingredients. Finally, by selecting the downward arrow you can download a PDF or print this information sheet.

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