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Compare ingredients tutorial
Compare ingredients tutorial
Written by Colleen
Updated over a week ago

When blending it can be very helpful to compare ingredients side by side to make an informed choice about the ingredients you may wish to work with.

Select compare ingredients in your navigation panel.

Select go to ingredient comparison tool.

Start to type the ingredient name you want to compare, if that ingredient is stored within the LabAroma ingredient library it will appear in the dropdown menu and you can select it.

When you have selected your oil click apply. The oil you have selected will appear along with its ingredient information, therapeutic properties, which is scrollable and the chemical family breakdown of the ingredient.

There is no limit to the amount of ingredient you can compare in one comparison search.

Once you know which ingredient you want to work with, you can add it to an existing blend by selecting the blend name and adding the volume and metric of the essential oil or extract you want to add to your blend.

You can create a new blend with one of your resulting ingredients by selecting add to a new blend.

You can add the ingredient to your favourites category by selecting add to favourites.

You can save your comparison search as a report for future reference. Select save comparison at the top right-hand of your screen. Name and detail your comparison report and select save comparison.

You can view or edit your reports at the compare ingredients home screen.

You can delete reports by selecting manage reports.

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