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Chemical component search tutorial
Chemical component search tutorial
Written by Colleen
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If you wish to understand the chemistry of your essential oils or extracts in more detail or you want to blend based on chemistry, the component search is a very efficient tool to help you on this mission.

Select component search in your navigation panel

Begin to type the chemical component you want to work with. LabAroma will recognise the component as you search. Select the component you want to work with. Choose whether you want to find the component in a volume that is greater than or equal to, or less than a certain percentage.

You can have as many search criteria as you wish however the more precise your search the fewer results you will have.

Select search chemical components when you are happy with your criteria

The essential oil and extracts which match your search criteria will appear below with the chemistry detail you searched for.

You can view the ingredient. The ingredient which will open in a separate tab for you, so you will not lose your component search.

Once you know which ingredient you want to work with, you can add it to an existing blend by selecting the blend name and adding the volume and metric of the essential oil or extract you want to add to your blend

Or you can create a new blend with one of your resulting ingredients by selecting add to a new blend

If you wish to compare some of the search results side by side, select compare ingredient for the ingredients you wish to compare. When you have selected the ingredients you want to compare, scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see your new comparison results.

If your initial search does not give you any result, try again.

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