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Add your own ingredient tutorial
Add your own ingredient tutorial
Written by Colleen
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If you would like to add your own ingredient within LabAroma, there are two ways to do this:

You can edit an ingredient from the LabAroma library, or you can create your own ingredient.

If you have an ingredient that already exists within the LabAroma library, it may be quicker and more efficient to edit that ingredient as opposed to starting from scratch with a new information sheet.

You simply select the ingredient within the LabAroma library which you would like to edit. You then duplicate the ingredient and your duplicated ingredient screen will appear on your screen. Where the information panels are shaded grey you have the ability to change all of that narrative information however you choose.

You then can scroll down to the complete chemical breakdown where you can update any of the existing chemical volumes. If there are chemicals within the LabAroma ingredient that are not in your ingredient data, you simply remove them by select the red trash can. Likewise, if there are chemicals that are not in the LabAroma ingredient data that you would like to add. You simply type that component and labAroma will help you predict which component it is that you are searching for, you then select the correct component, add the volume at which it is represented within your ingredient and select apply and that component will appear in your chemical breakdown.

You can also allocate a scent note, psychological ranking and physical ranking, you can add ingredient note or you can upload any files which may be relevant to this ingredient, for example the GCMS report itself.

When you are happy with the changes you have made, select save changes.

If you would rather create an ingredient from scratch:

Simply go to ingredients in your navigation panel, select my ingredients and then new ingredient.

This will give you a blank information sheet for which you can fill out the information where there is a grey shaded box.

You can add chemical data to your ingredient, as long as your material type is selected as essential oil or extract. Then you simply scroll down to complete chemical breakdown, type the chemistry within the GCMS report you have for your ingredient. LabAroma will help you to find the chemical component you are searching for.

Your next step is to add the volume of that component within your ingredient and select apply. LabAroma will automatically allocate that chemical compound to a chemical family and your chemical family representation within your ingredient will populate naturally on the right.

If you are adding a carrier oil, make sure your material type is selected to carrier oil and then you can add the complete fatty acid breakdown of your carrier oil if you wish. You begin to type the fatty acid and LabAroma will help you locate the acid you are searching for, add the volume of the acid represented within the carrier oil and simply select apply. The fatty acid family breakdown representation within your ingredient will populate naturally on the right.

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